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Founded 1908

Welcome to Hydes Herbal Clinic

HYDES UPDATE- 21st October 2023.........
Hydes is open today despite a few issue getting in past Storm Babet and its floods
we hope you are all faring just as well !

Anna Lisa Creaco is settling in well as a solid general Herbalist and theres a healthy rapor between the 3 professional herbalists when discussing health issues and the latest research findings. Anna Lisa is also our technical lead on the human biome and its implications for our health. If you havnt heard of that yet you soon will as mainstream medicine is becoming very interested in healthy diet, not just for all the usual reasons, but because research shows its key to controlling a lot of medical conditins and maintaining it in healthy balance is key to a lot of preventative practice medicine. Its a subject thats getting the medical scientists very excited. If you want to know more phone up and have a chat at the usual times.

As its now coming into the colder months please make a good check of your general health and be sure to enter the darker nights in good shape. Athsma and allergies can flare up a bit with the damper days and autumn moulds, so keep an eye on yourself. Ruth, Anna Lisa and I, and the clinic team, always look forward to seeing and hearing from you whenever you want to speak with us so don’t worry and just call when you want to. You, and we, will deal with everything life throws at us
Wishing the best of health to you all

Serene Foster - Medical Herbalist

Hello, I'm Serene Foster and as a Doctor of Immunology I've worked in leading UK research hospitals, and since 1996 as a qualified Medical Herbalist with Hydes Herbal Clinic, which has over 110 years of continual practice serving the public. It is my pleasure to tell you how Hydes Medical Herbalists would help you with your particular health issue. We see more patients than any other herbal practice in the UK thereby accumulating case experience over the years on a wider range of conditions and illnesses with excellent results. If it is a concern to you then our Medical Herbalists can help. This is the strength Hydes offers to you. You are unique but it is most likely we have dealt with your condition before.
But dont just believe me - click here see what satisfied patients have said about us

You do not have 'to learn to live with it'.

Please feel free to explore the website and get to know us. Call us on 0116 254 3178 for a free confidential discussion with our
Medical Herbalists or simply Email us We will tell you where we have encountered a condition like yours before and what Medical Herbs would help you. When you need to find us you can do so easily following Hydes directions. We are only 75 metres from the main railway station. Contact us directly for the availability of Hydes Herbalists in Derbyshire.
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All discussions are Private and Confidential.

Hydes Medical Herbalists; Serene Foster , Ruth Austin , and AnnaLisa Creaco combine a thorough understanding of Medical Immunology and Medical Science with Medical Herbalism.

Hydes Medical Herbalists work within strict ethical and professional codes belonging to both the
National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH) and also the
College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy (CPP).

John Hyde - Medical Herbalist

Hydes Herbal Clinic Leicester was founded in 1908 by Jesse Hyde, expanded by his son Fletcher in the 1940s, and developed further by his grandson John Hyde into the clinic we see today. He mentored my professional training and I worked with him for several years until his retirement in 2003 when I took over running the clinic. In continual practice since 1908 Hydes Medical Herbalists see patients from all over the UK, each with their own unique case history and prescription. Hydes survived 2 World Wars and the creation of the NHS, keeping Herbal Medicine alive and learning from over 150,000 cases.

Orthodox medicine and the UK’s leading universities increasingly recognise the role of Medical Herbalists and the importance of Herbal Medicine. Research better understands how plant medicines work can rely less on folklore or tradition. We now often consult with a patient's GP or Consultant, although only with your clear permission to do so.

A major and unique strength of Hydes is that we produce almost all of our own herbal medicines onsite from raw herb in a process involving many weeks of maturation. First designed by Hydes in the 1940s, we have perfected it ever since. Herbs are combined into formulations which we have developed and used many times before. These are only available from Hydes. Our dispensing staff will prepare a personal prescription uniquely tailored to you; a bespoke method which over time we have found produces the optimum result for our patients.

Hydes supports regulation of the Medical Herbalists profession working closely with the
European Herbal and Traditional Medicine Practitioners Association (EHTMPA) and also with the
British Herbal Medicine Association (BHMA) who in 2007 gave Hydes Herbal Clinic its rarely granted Lifetime Achievement Award recognising Hydes service to Herbal Medicine and Medical Herbalists as a Professional body.

For Medical Herbalists at Hydes, this is not a job but a calling.

Our clinic motto is:
“To increase the sum of human happiness by the relief of suffering through safe and natural means.”

Serene Foster
DPhil (Oxon) BSc (Hons) BSc (Hons) MBSI MNIMH MCPP

Medical Immunologist and Herbalist

Hydes Medical Herbalists Clinic herbalists


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