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Founded 1908 Endometriosis

In Endometriosis small pieces of the lining of the uterus (womb) are found in other locations such as on the bowel, fallopian tubes, ovaries, bladder, vagina or bowel. They respond to hormones in the same way as the womb lining does and thicken during certain parts of the cycle, then like menstrual blood, breaks down and ‘bleed’. But with nowhere for this blood to leave the body it becomes trapped triggering inflammation, swelling, pain and sometimes scarring of the fallopian tubes or ovaries, which can then reduce fertility. Endometriosis affecting 2 million UK women is commonly diagnosed between 25 and 40.

The severity of endometriosis symptoms is dependant on the size of the endometriosis deposits and their location.

Endometriosis can be symptomless, but many women suffer pain, heaviness or a dragging sensation around the pubic area and often in their backs or thighs at various points or throughout their cycle. Endometriosis can cause low mood, poor energy, lethargy and depression.

endometriosis Symptoms include:

  • Painful and/or heavy periods
  • Pain in the lower abdomen, pelvis, upper thighs or lower back
  • Bleeding in between periods
  • Trouble getting pregnant
  • Pain during sex

    Other endometriosis symptoms may include:
  • Pain or aching when urinating,
  • back passage bleeding, often noticed in the toilet with bowel movements
  • Bowel blockage (if the endometriosis tissue is in the bowel).

    Hydes herbalists prescribe individual liquid medicines to reduce heavy bleeding and to help relieve debilitating pain and discomfort. These include herbs traditionally used to help reduce the size of the Endometriosis pieces and herbs to ensure adequate oxygen, nutrients and tone to the uterus, thus helping to relieve other symptoms. As the immune system and hormones effect endometriosis we also use herbal treatment to modulate the immune system and normalising any potential hormone imbalances which in turn helps to regulate periods and the monthly cycle.

    At Hydes we have successfully treated many Endometriosis patients who have gone on to have a much improved quality of life, as described by the following testimony written by a patient aged 24.

    Case Study
    “I have suffered from endometriosis ever since I was 17. After 6 operations and removal of my left ovary I was still not free of erratic pain and heavy bleeding. I was finally bedridden and I also lost a lot of weight. I was told my only other option was to have a hysterectomy. I became very depressed.

    One day a friend called me and said “I think you should visit Hyde’s Herbal Clinic”. “Oh yeah”, I thought “Herbs?! As if they’ll help”. Reluctantly I booked an appointment and words cannot explain how much I have benefited. With my Practitioners reassurance and support and by persevering with the herbs, I am so much better. Not only is my pain less but my periods are more regular, my skin is better and I feel stronger in my mind. I eat and sleep well and enjoy life! I feel a new person!

    Thanks Hyde’s, I wish I had heard about you years ago. You have turned my life around!”

    Hydes herbalists will discuss your past and present health in full; check blood iron and blood sugar and examine your abdomen and glands, and anything else that we think necessary. We will then prescribe an individual medicine for your own specific needs targeted at the underlying cause of the Endometriosis and easing the symptoms. We will discuss dietary and lifestyle advice to follow alongside your herbal treatment.

    Please call us to see how we can help you with your Endometriosis or any other health concerns and the use of Herbal Medicine. Our Herbalists would be please to speak with you for free on 0116 254 3178.
    We have clinics in Leicester and Derbyshire.

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