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Founded 1908Team Service

Our Medical Herbalist Our Clinic team of Secretarial Receptionists and Dispensers combine with the Medical Herbalist Consultants
to give you a dedicated professional service, a sympathetic reception and a
THOROUGH medical approach to your personal problems.

All medicines are dispensed in our own Dispensary at the Clinic. 
In addition to medicine, we may prescribe lotion, ointment, cream, powder, drops, tablets, capsules and suppositories.
Virtually all of these are produced to our own formulae which Hydes have developed from over a century of experience in using them
You cannot obtain our specific formulae from any other source.

Production of Herbal Remedies at the Clinic

These natural medicines are imported from many parts of the world;  North and South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle and Far East, but only those of the highest quality and therapeutic action are acceptable to us.
For more than one hundred years the Clinic has specialised in manufacturing its own fine range of tinctures (liquid medicines) using the best and latest methods, from specially selected indigenous and imported dried herbs.
The Clinic’s medicines are unique and for the exclusive use of our own patients.
We have developed and improved them over time learning from their use with past patients
We do not sell any branded herbal medicines on an over-the-counter basis
You can only receive Hydes own Herbal Medicines in conjunction with a Hydes Herbalist prescription.


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