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Founded 1908 Allergies

At Hydes Herbal Clinic we successfully test and treat patients with herbs for both allergies and intolerances and their associated symptoms and conditions. Where problems are more complex we have a full complement of diagnostic techniques and tests, including sophisticated blood testing to help us get to the bottom of your medical issues.

It is important to understand that intolerances are often defined by a threshold which means that you do have the option of not completely excluding the allergen if you keep you exposure within your tolerance. This is important to understand because the allergens you are intolerant to in one aspect may also be desirable to keep for other reasons; for example if it were a nutritional health food or if were a family pet.. Also it is often difficult to completely exclude certain things completely from diet or completely avoid allergens which are environmental. In these cases it is very useful to know your limits and regulate exposure or intake.

We can prescribe herbal medicine to dampen down or stop the inappropriate immune response that causes the symptoms such as inflammation in your digestive or respiratory membranes.

We will also include herbs in the medicine to reduce the symptoms that you are suffering such as itching/streaming eyes, rhinitis (irritation of the membranes of the nose), sneezing, asthma, eczema, wheezing, rashes, swelling, hives, headaches, bloating, constipation or diarrhoea, nausea, indigestion, acidity, sluggishness, joint pains, dry eyes etc.

We also always give dietary and lifestyle advice alongside the herbs based on our consultation and any test results.

What is the difference between allergy and intolerance?
Both can cause life affecting symptoms as a result of your immune system reacting to something that does not affect the average individual.

Allergy is an illness following the response of the immune system to an otherwise harmless substance. Common ‘allergens’ (triggers) include peanuts, dust mites, cats, dogs, pollen etc. They are hypersensitivity reactions that involve ‘IgE’ antibodies and histamine, which cause a rapid response; in severe cases this is anaphylactic shock.
Symptoms of allergy
include itching/streaming eyes, rhinitis (irritation of the membranes of the nose), sneezing, asthma, eczema, wheezing, rashes, swelling, hives, and headaches and maybe followed later by digestive upsets.

Intolerance can come from exposure to any source but is most commonly associated with food intolerances. This is an inability to properly process a particular food which can lead to it sitting in the intestines poorly digested, fermenting and irritating the digestive system lining. This can trigger an immune response with IgG antibodies which cause a slower, less severe response, than IgE but one that can lead to chronic discomfort, digestive upset and wider spread symptoms.
Symptoms of intolerance
include bloating, constipation or diarrhoea, nausea, sluggishness, inability to lose weight, excess wind, indigestion, and acidity and can also have wider spreading effects on mood, cause joint pains, sore eyes and more.

Please call us to see how we can help you with your allergy, intolerance or any other health concerns.

If you would like to discuss Hydes approach to allergy problems and the use of Herbal Medicine please call us on 0116 254 3178.
One of our Herbalists will be pleased to speak to you free of charge.
We have clinics in Leicester and Derbyshire.

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