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Founded 1908No Drugs-No Side Effects-The Safer Alternative

When compared with the powerful chemical drugs (man- made) so often used today, the more gentle and naturally occurring substances in plants are clearly "safer". However, many herbs are extremely potent.

The essential difference with all our treatment, is that it is individually prescribed for an individual patient and is unique. We prescribe an accurate dose of precise herbs, avoiding any risk of reaction or side- effect. The type, combination, presentation, concentration, duration of each prescription varies according to the patient's condition, symptoms, age, gender, lifestyle, sensitivity, hormone balance, emotional state, body weight and so on.

It is for these reasons that we do not recommend self- treatment and home-diagnosis. It is so easy to take incorrect treatment and mistaken dosages. This can be expensive, counter-productive and ineffective.

During your initial consultation, we can advise you on food-supplements and other adjuncts to your treatment, which might be helpful. However, our prescribed treatment is usually comprehensive.


How Do I Arrange An Appointment?

The best method is to telephone the Clinic when one of our receptionists will be happy to arrange a mutually agreeable time and date. An appointment card will be posted to you, together with some informative literature.

Same Day Appointments?

Occasionally, due to unforeseen circumstances, we receive late cancellations. If you can come at short notice and take a same-day booking, a 10% discount is offered, on request.

When checking availability please mention the discount to the Receptionist.

Is Another Consultation Necessary Every Time I Need More Medicine?

No ...We must see you, in person, on the first occasion. This is important and necessary and protects the patient and practitioner alike as the medicines are individually prescribed in each case. It is essential to examine the patient and arrive at an accurate diagnosis before deciding on precise treatment. However, it is not always necessary to have frequent consultations. There are some conditions which require close monitoring and more regular examination, but often, particularly if the patient has travelled a distance, appointments may be at 2 or 3 monthly intervals. In between visits, as the medicine is used up, the patient simply telephones or writes for a further supply. This is sent the same day by 1st Class Post and normally arrives the next morning.

We enclose an account.

In this efficient and economic way, you can maintain treatment regularly.

Otherwise, repeat prescriptions may be collected from the Clinic at any time during Clinic hours. To avoid waiting, these may be ordered by telephone first.

We regret it is not possible to prescribe for patients prior to an initial personal consultation.


What if Im Already Taking Prescribed Drugs?

Many patients have remarked that they were hesitant to embark on a course of herbal treatment because they feared it might be necessary to stop taking their prescribed drugs. Herbal Medicine, individually and correctly prescribed by qualified practitioners can be safely taken. It is NOT the policy of the Clinic to advise withdrawal or cessation of such drugs, but to prescribe the herbs accordingly and thus work along with any orthodox treatment if deemed necessary. On your initial visit here we will discuss all the details, or you may wish to telephone the Clinic and speak with a Consultant first.

Whilst herbal treatment is regarded as the leading ALTERNATIVE it can accurately be described as COMPLEMENTARY. Our long term aim is to increase the patient's general health so that, ultimately, with proper consultation, they are able to reduce or cease previously needed drugs.

Will My Condition Respond To Herbal Treatment?

Many conditions will respond to herbal treatments but we will tell you if we feel we cant help you or if your condition needs some other attention, for example a GP.
We cannot guarantee an outcome but HYDES HERBAL CLINIC has been treating patients, individually for over a hundred years and in that time has been privileged to help patients with an extremely wide range of diseases and conditions which include: musculo-skeletal, circulatory, nervous, digestive, genito-urinary and endocrine disorders. We will always do our professional best to help you with your condition and we have many generous testimonials from patients we have helped.

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Why Learn To Live With It?

Often patients have been told to "learn to live with it" or "it's your age". Many have become utterly despondent.

Perhaps you will not have to "live with it". Here is HOPE for the future, a POSITIVE outlook, and the very best in INDIVIDUAL HERBAL TREATMENT.


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