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We determine your underlying condition, and prescribe the most appropriate herbal remedies for you. Every effort will be made to improve your health. We recommend that patients visit the clinic in person, particularly for a first appointment. This means we have our full service of physical examination and medical tests available should they be required. However we are able to carry out Skype/Facetime and telephone consulations and these provide a helpful alternative for busy, distant or infirm patients. Please phone for an appoinment in good time for your own convenience. We can usually only offer same day appointments if there is a cancellation that day. After checking in you will be invited to relax in our waiting room and possibly fill in some basic forms for admin purposes or clinical information such as a dietary analysis. We try very hard to run to time and you will be escorted to the consulting rooms by our staff.

A typical consultation lasts around one hour to ensure a full case history is considered.  Our Medical Herbal take time and Hydes quiet, helpful and caring approach is often remarked upon by patients. Where appropriate we carry out an examination using orthodox medical techniques, such as listening to the lungs and heart.  Other tests may be carried out if required.  We can do urine testing, haemoglobin testing, cholesterol testing, blood glucose testing and Food Intolerance testing on-site. Blood samples can be sent offsite for analysis by our labratory service from which we receive a printed result next-day. We ask you to share any recent medical tests with us to support investigation and avoid unecessary test fees. Lifestyle and dietary factors may also be considered. We will arrive at a diagnosis and design a tailor made prescription of herbs for you. Dispensing usually takes 5-10 minutes after the consultation whilst you relax in the waiting room.

If referral to another medical service or your GP is in your best interest we can produce referral letters but contact will only be made with your explicit permission to do so.

Follow up consultations to check progress usually last 15-20 minutes, 3-4 weeks after your initial consultation. However Hydes 'inclusive ethic' means you may call us anytime for advice, to discuss your progress or your test results. This service is free for existing and past patients. Our consultants keep 2 slots free for calls on weekdays 9-9:30am and 1:30-2pm. You may call reception anytime for advice


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