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We seek to determine the underlying factors, and prescribe the most appropriate herbal remedies in each case.  Attention is also given to dietary considerations.  The quiet, helpful and caring atmosphere has often been remarked upon by patients and you may consult us in the knowledge that every effort will be made to restore you to full and perfect health.  ALL CONSULTATIONS ARE PRIVATE AND STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.

Typically a Medical Herbal consultation lasts around one hour to ensure a full case history is considered.  We will carry out an examination if necessary using orthodox medical techniques, such as, listening to the lungs and heart.  Other tests may be carried out during the consultation.  We do urine testing, haemoglobin testing, cholesterol testing and blood glucose testing at the Clinic.  After this thorough investigation we will arrive at a diagnosis and design a tailor made prescription of herbs for you.

Lifestyle and dietary advice are also offered and explained.

A follow up consultation usually lasts 15-20 minutes and checks on progress and these are usually held between 3 & 4 weeks after your initial consultation.


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