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Founded 1908 Hydes Medical Herbalists - Patient's own Testimonials

Mark writes (full name given)
After many years of struggling with my digestive system, I contacted Serene Foster (via recommendation). 18 months after a very professional, caring and honest approach, I now have very few problems and those I do have are normally self inflicted!! Many thanks to Serene and her team.

Thank you Hydes - says Margaret (full name given)
Knowing that something is wrong (and certainly not imagined) is dispiriting....... We have all experienced illnesses and conditions that are difficult to diagnose and something more than a broad brush applied by our doctors......... In my case I suffered from anaemia, tiredness and nausea, all of which my doctor seemed unable to rectify - except by the application of iron pills, which didn’t help. Since attending Hydes my condition isn’t fully cured but it is going in the right direction and I’ve found experts who are willing to investigate, work at finding a solution and willing to provide a personal and specific treatment. Thank you once again Hydes.

My story – I am a ‘young’ 72 year old -
who enjoys entertaining, socialising, playing golf and Yes still working! My life changed suddenly in July 2018 when I had cramping stomach pains and needed the loo constantly – at 3.00am, 3.30am, 4.00am and so it went on. It was uncomfortable and embarrassing. I took to ‘Immodium’. My Drs. referred me to Consultant Gastroenterologist at Nuffield which resulted in (a) CT Scan and Colonosopy. No further intervention needed BUT I still had constant Diarrhoea. After five months with a constant problem in early December 2018 I visited Hydes Herbal Clinic. My life changed for the better. I came away with powder, pills and liquid and noticed improvement with two weeks. In early January 2019 I went back to the Herbalist for a review and repeated the prescriptions. My life is now back to normal and at my visit in February 2019 I was advised I had taken Eleven Herbs in all – and need only go back if I had a setback. Needless to say – I would highly recommend Hydes Herbal Medicine and the Herbalist who looked after me in a caring manner and restored me back to full health.

A new mother writes
You may recall treating me for infertility this time last year, and I contacted you earlier this year to let you know I was pregnant. I just want to send you a photo of the finished product! This is our son. I can’t thank you enough for your time, effort and magical herbs. The difference in a year is amazing, so I wanted to thank you for all you did.

Wendy writes (full name given)
I came to Hyde’s as I was unable to walk the dog for more than a mile without wanting to collapse – At 37 years of age that is not good! I felt tired at work every day, wanting so desperately to sleep. Just 3 months later, I feel fantastic! Dr. Foster prescribed me herbs which have obviously boosted my immune system and given me plenty of energy for work and walking the dog! I can’t thank Hyde’s team enough.

Peter writes (full name given)
I have been a patient at Hydes Herbal Clinic since 1995. I had an ongoing health problem with excruciating neck and back pain and had visited traditional doctors and consultants without any success in curing my problem. A friend recommended I contacted a herbalist as they had been extremely pleased with this form of natural medical care. With a certain amount of trepidation I visited Hydes Herbal Clinic, the consultation was completed in a totally professional manner, furthermore, I was made to feel at ease and I felt that someone at long last was dedicated to curing my health problem. After a thorough medical examination, I was prescribed herbal remedies specifically for me and my specific health problem, within several months my health problems disappeared, however I continue to visit Hydes Herbal Clinic on a regular basis for health checks and continue to take herbal remedies when required. I trust that in the future, with the help of Hydes Herbal Clinic, that I will have a 100 years celebration party.

Gavin in 2018 writes (full name given)
I have used Hydes Herbal Clinic for a number of years now for various troubling ailments. I have found them to be most helpful. Serene, is very caring and patient, particularly at times of stress when one feels more traditional medicine or doctors have no time for your ailments. I would highly recommend Hydes, particularly if you feel your GP isn’t sympathetic to your condition. They really do offer take the time to listen to their patients and assist in their recovery.

Thank you for looking at just some of our many patient testimonials
We have many more from patients of all ages and with many different conditions. You can find links to more testimonilas regarding specific conditions on the conditions page. Call us if you wish to discuss these or any other health issues and the use of Herbal Medicine. Our Herbalists would be please to speak with you for free on 0116 254 3178. We have clinics in Leicester and Derbyshire.

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