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Founded 1908History of the Clinic


Mr. Frederick Jesse Hyde and his wife Maude founded the original Medical Herbalist Clinic and commenced practice in Leicester in 1908. Our current Clinic building, at 68 London Road, Leicester, was opened in 1934 by Mr. Frederick Jesse Hyde FNIMH, who was by then a Council Member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists, together with his son, Mr. Frederick Fletcher Hyde.
Hyde's large Practice was gradually transferred from St. Peter's Road to the Clinic on London Road.

Mr. Frederick Fletcher Hyde's qualifications as a Member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists followed a degree in chemistry and a first class honours degree in the special examination in botany granted in 1932 at London University. He was appointed early to the Research and Analytical Department of the Institute, over which he has served as Director for more than 30 years. A Doctorate in Botanic Medicine was conferred on him by the School of Botanic Medicine, London. After occupying the office of President of the NIMH from 1967 to 1975 he was presented with an illuminated Address and in 1978 was awarded the honorary status of President Emeritus. Mr. Hyde has been Chairman of the British Herbal Pharmacopoeial Committee since 1965, and is President of the British Herbal Medicine Association. Mr. Hyde was invited by the Ministry of Health to become a member on the Committee for the Review of Medicines and also on the Herbal Standards Sub-Committee of the Committee on Safety of Medicines. These two appointments followed membership of the Herbal Remedies Committee and the Prescription Only Medicine Committee. A former Principal of the Tutorial School of Herbal Medicine, Mr. Fletcher Hyde retired from consulting practice but remained deeply involved in the establishment of herbal medicines as a valid and effective therapeutic discipline.

Fletcher's hard work in committee allowed freedom of choice for the individual and gave people the option of chemical free natural medicines made only from plants. In 2008 his achievements were recognised when the British Herbal Medicine association posthumously conferred their lifetime achievement award on Fletcher with an inscription that reads "the unique achievement of Frederick Fletcher Hyde to the science, practice and recognition of herbal medicine in the 20th Century",. Today that plaque is proudly displayed in the clinic that still bears Fletcher Hyde's name.

The modern history of Hydes Herbal Clinic began when John D Hyde became the third generation of his family to run the clinic. He joined the Practice in 1960, having studied at Leicester and London, qualifying at London in 1965 with Distinction, he achieved the highest standard of his entire year. It was John who created the clinic in the form in which we see it today. With his father's approval he had the building remodelled to create the new consulting rooms and the air conditioned waiting room. Less visibly but no less vitally he rationalised and updated the administrative systems including the initial implementation of IT, creating a foundation which we have updated regularly ever since. In 1976 Mr. Hyde was awarded the rare and coveted FELLOWSHIP Diploma of the Institute which is conferred for "outstanding service to the Profession" having held the following honorary offices; the Institute's Press and Public Relations Officer (1967-1979); Chairman, Board of Examiners (1972-1979); Chairman, Trustees, N.I.M.H. Education Fund since 1977; Director, N.I.M.H. 1965-1990; PRESIDENT of The Institute (1978-1982); and for many years National Vice-President.

John Hyde and his work have been featured in numerous books, magazines and newspapers, including the Daily Express which published an article concerning one of his patients who made an excellent response. Other major publications referring to Mr. Hyde include: "Drugless Medicine" -Dr. Peter Blyth, "Alternative Medicine" - Robert Eagle, "The Medicine Men" -John Lloyd-Frazer, "Herbs -Useful Plants" -Robert Eagle and "Green Pharmacy" -Barbara Griggs. Mr Hyde has appeared on a number of television programmes having been involved in the pre-series research. These include: "Midlands Today" -ATV "The Medicine Men" -ATV / Anglia, "Man Alive" -BBC2 and the series "Herbs for All" -Central TV. He was filmed for the BBC1 documentary series "Real Lives" and has written, lectured and broadcast on every aspect of Herbal Medicine, being widely regarded as one of this Country's leading experts. Mr Hyde has over 40 years consulting room experience having helped thousands of patients back to health. In later years John retired from regular patient facing work but served as Medical Herbalist Advisor to the clinic from 2003 till his sad demise in 2014 giving enthusiatically his wealth of Herbal and Medical understanding as a reference and guide for all of us in Hydes Herbal Clinic. Though no longer with us, all who worked with or knew our dear friend and colleague John Hyde, feel that his influence and presence remains with us still in the clinic, which he did so much to build and develop.


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