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Founded 1908 Hydes Medical Herbalists - Patient's own Testimonials

A sufferer writes (full name given)
I came to Hydes in November 2018. I was in the turmoil of a sudden onset of tinnitus, which had turned my life upside down. It started one morning out of the blue the previous September. By the time I spoke to Serene at Hydes I was in a pretty desperate state. The week before A&E had said I may have Menieres Disease. Just google it for the life changing effects! The ENT specialist at my local hospital gave me 5 minutes of his time and handed me a leaflet with details of the British Tinnitus Society and left me with it. I was living with this traumatic pitch every waking second. But at least I didnít have Menieres. Serene spoke to me for an hour. She didn't promise miracles but had a look. I changed to the diet she suggested. I also had medication suggested as I also had issues with sinus problems. Talking to Serene helped to empower me. She also suggested I saw another ENT specialist privately. He was amazing and gave me hope. Scroll on to May 2019. I finished the Hydes mixture in March 2019. Now at 60-70% less tinnitus. I saw Serene a few times again. I had someone on my side against this. I have real hope now. I am going to gym. Losing weight and feeling really healthy on the diet. I realise that I can take control now. Instead of the usual NHS advice for tinnitus: do not have total silence Ė listening to soft music or sounds (called sound therapy) can distract you from the tinnitus; do not focus on it, as this can make it worse Ė hobbies and activities can help take your mind off it. I do the opposite. I use the pitch of my tinnitus to focus on as I meditate. Eventually my brain, which has had itís itís flight or fight triggered, focusses on my tinnitus and begins to accept my pitch as non threatening and then true habituation begins. May 2019. I am at 10% of what I am in October 2019. I can go complete days without being affected by tinnitus. It is just now a minor part or my life. A weird blessing which has helped me focus on the present. Tinnitus is one of the best things to happen to me. I am a different person now. Healthier. happier. Thank you Hydes.

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