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Founded 1908 Hydes Medical Herbalists - multiple sclerosis support

A patient wrote (withold name preference)
I was recommended to Hydes Herbal Clinic after being diagnosed with MS. I was a bit sceptical but felt I wanted to give it a try. I had a lengthy consultation with Serene Foster who then prescribed medicine and tablets tailor-made for my condition. I took the medication for three months but didn’t really feel I could justify the expense in continuing as I hadn’t seen any improvement. However, after discussing this with Serene I decided to continue for a little longer. After approximately four to five months I had noticed improvements in my balance, co-ordination, wellbeing and overall ability to manage my MS.

Pauline wrote (full name given)
I first came to see Mr Hyde over 20 years ago, suffering from MS. Mr Hyde, and then afterwards, Dr Foster, have treated me superbly and have kept my MS under control. I live a full and enjoyable life and I am certain this can be attributed to the medication and treatment I have received from Hydes Herbal Clinic.

Thank you for looking at just some of our many patient testimonials
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