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Founded 1908 Hydes Medical Herbalists - Patient's own Testimonials

A mother writes (full name given)
We are delighted that the symptoms have eased and my daughter has been pain free for almost 12 months. My teenage daughter was experiencing regular stomach cramps which would leave her doubled over in pain. After numerous trips to our GP who eventually told her it was probably ďjust one of those things she would need to learn to live with.Ē We decided to make an appointment to see Ruth Austin at Hydeís Clinic, Leicester. They had been recommended by a relative. Ruth took her time to listen to my daughter and understand her symptoms. It was Suggested that my daughter have a food intolerance test. (Something not offered by our GP). This came back positive in some foods and along with an avoidance of these foods and a course of herbal medicine designed to heal the damage already caused to the stomach. We are delighted that the symptoms have eased and my daughter has been pain free for almost 12 months. Ruth has been in touch during the last few months to check on progress, and whilst we no longer feel the need to visit the clinic we would not hesitate to do so if needed in the future.

Thank you Hydes - says Julia (full name given)
Having suffered heartburn with both of my pregnancies, it did not fully disappear. I am slender, eat healthy and love exercise, having lost my father very quickly after my second daughter was born my paws and reflux came back. I had lots of tests done on the NHS to find nothing and it slowly eased with time. My mum became very ill and I came back with vengeance, causing so much pain I could not even eat a rice cake. More tests were taken and I was given strong pain relievers to help me sleep but I was physically and mentally exhausted. As I could not sleep properly and could hardly eat. This happened over a 3-5 year period of pain. The consultants diagnosed functional dyspepsia and they could not do anything!! I then started to look at alternatives, changing m work days from 4 to 3 days a week, and getting more help to support my very ill mother. I then contacted Serene Foster who talked to me over the phone and said she could help. I had my consultation in October 2017 which was just lasted just over an hour; she was very sympathetic and understanding and said she could help although it would take a number of months. I went on a strict diet This made little difference to me as I was already eating little.) some powder, a herbal mixture medicine and tablets to take at night. At this point I had taken myself off medication from the NHS as it did not help. Serene explained that my digestive system was producing acid when it should not and not produce it when it should. My stomach was raw from the loss of my dad and mums illnesses, we needed to take the strain off of my digestive system to protect the stomach and feed it to help it heal. It made complete sense to me! After a few weeks I started to feel much better, my weight had stabilised, I was sleeping and the paws had eased along with the reflux. It is now July 2018. I can eat pretty much what I like the reflux has pretty much disappeared. (Eating a spicy curry can irritate a little). And my weight is back up. I am mentally and physically in great shape all down to Serene. The NHS consultant was amazed at the transformation as I smugly told her about how well I am after I was failed by the NHS.
Thank you serene for giving me my life back!!

Adam writes (full name given)
The healthiest thing about me when I first walked into Hydes was probably my scepticism. Herbalists. Hmmm. I was a little dubious and more than a little cautious, but conventional medicine wasnít curing my increasingly frequent bouts of chronic stomach pain. If anything, the various tablets prescribed by my GP and consultant gastroenterologist seemed to be making matters worse. A friend who had been helped by herbal remedies suggested Hydes. I was in a bad way. Anything had to be worth a try, I decided, even a large dose of possible codswallop. That was in September last year. I write this, nine months later, as a convert to the benefits of herbal medicine, my previous cynicism replaced by rude good health. The stomach pains that tormented me intermittently for 18 awful months have entirely disappeared. I havenít had a problem since before Christmas. Iím not claiming to be an efficacious one-person clinical trial. I canít categorically state that my absence of pain is all down to the tablets and medicine prescribed by my practitioner Ruth Austin, but I firmly believe they played a major part. Ruth was fantastic from appointment one. She sat and listened and asked pertinent questions: about my diet, my lifestyle, my job, my state of mind, all sorts of things. It was a far cry from the 10-minute speed-date diagnoses Iíd gotten from GPs. Ruth took the time to gather a complete understanding of what might be causing and contributing to my troubles. She didnít just dole out pills and potions to treat symptoms, she looked for underlying issues and prescribed lots of small lifestyle changes that would encourage beneficial ďgut floraĒ and increase my resilience to potential problems. I think these have perhaps helped as much as the herbal remedies. There arenít many miracle cures. Iím certainly not going to say herbal medicine will work for everybody. Iím pretty sure it worked for me. Thank you, Ruth.

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